Metal Spinning Group to use Redthorn SP

Metal Spinning Group to use Redthorn SP

Who they are:

Formed in 1937 by the Major family, they used the ancient art of metal spinning to spin precious metals to refurbish antiques. Originally based in Clerkenwell, we are now in Croydon, South London. Since then our service portfolio has expanded to include metal fabrication, presswork, machining and welding to add to the metal spinning.

In the last few years we have developed parts that are now in Space, throughout Heathrow Airport, in the Queen’s Palaces, the Mayor of London building and in many other places. Our quality commitment is underpinned by the processes that support our ISO9001 certification.


What they do:

Cutting, forming, machining, welding and finishing are the five stages in any metal fabrication project. Your product may not need all five stages, but If you need something made from metal, Metal Spinner Group is the place to come.

Everything starts from a conversation or a set of drawings. Whether your product is still just an idea or has been produced hundreds of times before, we look to ensure what we do will be exactly right for your needs. Our main area of expertise consists of:

  • Metal Fabrication
  • Metal Spinning
  • Press Work
  • Machining



What type of project is this for Redthorn:

The Metal Spinning Group project is the start of a new venture here at Redthorn. In April 2020 we launched RedthornSP, our cloud based MRP solution designed specifically for small to midsized engineering and manufacturing companies.

One of the big problems within the industry today is expensive MRP solutions with a generic design which include modules that small to midsized companies will never use, this of course includes paying for those additional services when they are not required. As the industry becomes more competitive and control over annual costs becomes apparent this is where the idea for an affordable and easier to implement MRP solution was born.

The common cost structure throughout the industry today consists of a high capital fee, of which a high percentage of that cost is made up from expensive day rates to cover training and implementation. The infrastructure required to run systems adds to this initial cost through expensive servers and involvement is required by external IT support. In addition to this there will be an ongoing annual maintenance fee which in most cases includes costs for modules that are not required. 

With RedthornSP’s E-learning platform and cloud hosted solution this eliminates that high start-up cost, the modules included have been carefully selected through years of experience and our customers have noted “we have the balance just right”. This has allowed us to design an affordable monthly subscription service which enables businesses to receive a return on investment sooner rather than later, with the option to add additional modules as natural development occurs.

Metal Spinning Groups transition has occurred due to running an expensive solution which includes modules they have never used and never will. Due to the current climate this has enabled them to search for a solution which is affordable coupled with the right balance of functionality to enable them to stay productive. We look forward to the implementation and welcome to the Redthorn team.




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